Performance Consulting

Whether it be on the ice, field, court or track, performance is determined by our ability to draw upon our mental and emotional skills and techniques. The development of these are life long and play a crucial role in how we regulate ourselves both in sport and in life. Far too many individuals neglect these scientifically proven techniques until it is a time of crisis.




Long gone is the attitude that when an athlete is struggling or broken that this should be the only time they reach out for mental or emotional support. For most high performers working with a mental performance consultant is now the norm and considered to be a standard part of a training cycle.

When working with athletes, some of the areas that are looked at include confidence, performance anxiety and self-talk, goal setting, visualization, relaxation, transitions in sport and life, overcoming injuries, group dynamics, handling pressure, expectations (self, coach, parents), time management, routines and plans and emotional regulation.

Here at TPC all individuals are put through a comprehensive intake and assessment process to help determine their appropriate needs. Once goals are set, action plans are driven by theory and delivered with a pragmatic approach. Duncan’s approach is both compassionate and timely.


Consultation is available in person and via video conferencing. 

Your Extended Health Plan may cover your consulting session. Every plan is different so please contact your plan provider before your first session to ensure that your plan covers the Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) designation.


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